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We are creating a trusted bridge between real world media assets,
royalty streams and web3 smart contracts.

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Original Works


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Tokenize your rights and royalties

Incorporate existing income streams for collateral, or write your own contracts and plug them in.

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Put your Royalties
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Leverage your IP assets as collateral to generate revenue for rights holders.

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Stake your royalties as collateral

Earn yield by Interacting with decentralized finance protocols, or fund creative IP ecosystem operations.

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Royalty Tokens are the core building block of the Original Works Protocol. They represent an on chain music asset royalty flow.

A Royalty Token is the smart contract governing an on-chain music IP cash flow, increasing speed and transparency of payment.

Royalties can be split to different stake holders such as fans and collaborating artists, or used in DeFi to receive cash advances.

Through validation and backing by Payment Oracles, Royalty Tokens link an “off-chain” royalty stream into an on-chain digital asset.

Original Works is built in collaboration with the music industry, bridging web2 music royalties to web3 rails.

Music distributors, Collective Rights Organizations, Publishers and Record labels participate as payment oracles bridging royalties to web3.

'Proof of Royalties' builds trust in Royalty Tokens and their cash flow.

Payment and data oracles are rewarded for their participation in the protocol.